Modern Wall Decor Ideas: How To Choose Wall Art For Your Wall

Does your home have the perfect furniture, but still feels like something is missing? Do you live in a modern home with large walls that need to be filled? Are you having trouble deciding what size or type of wall art to choose? Then this post is for you.

How To Choose Wall Art

First of all, take a look at the wall you want to decorate.







To choose a perfectly sized piece of art, measure the blank wall and deduct 12-24 inches.

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A good rule of thumb is to choose wall art that takes up the width of the wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side, so it looks like it’s centered, like the image above. For example, you have a 36 inch wall. Leave about 6 inches on each side for the piece of art, which means you should choose something around 24 inches wide.

Pick Wall Art That Is Smaller Than The Furniture Piece It Sits Over

Choose a piece of art (or a series) that is the same length as the furniture piece or smaller. Avoid wall decor that is wider than the furniture piece.







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Use Multiple Panels of Wall Art to Fill a Larger Wall

Large canvas wall art can be very expensive but you can choose smaller pieces of wall art that can be laid like a Gallery wall like the living room below.










Hang wall art in a diptych or triptych pattern, which is basically two, three or more panels of art that flow. Be sure to leave at least 2 inches between the pieces. You can do bigger spacing if you have a huge wall, just keep it consistent. choose art that is vibrant, graphic and powerful.

Hang Wall Decor 6-8 Inches Above Your Furniture

Now you need to decide how high to hang your wall art. The general rule is to hang wall art work at your sight line, so people don’t have to look up too high or too low. That means the center of your wall art area is about 60 inches from the ground.

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Hang the artwork so the bottom edge is 6-8 inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

Once you have an idea of a general spot, frame out the area to visualize the spot. Stand back a few feet and see if you like where it sits on the wall. Create a setting where the art is part of the grouping.

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